We are The Halal Sauce!

Often imitated but never replicated The Halal Sauce has arrived! Inspired by Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine and perfected by your local street cart you can now enjoy the world famous white sauce from home. The Halal Sauce goes perfect on everything! From salads to rice bowls and meatballs to fish, once you try The Halal Sauce you'll realize that it's all about the sauce!


Everyone who's stood in line at their neighborhood street cart knows that the secret to happiness lies in the magical white sauce. However, the days of waiting in line are over! Pick up a bottle of The Halal Sauce on Kickstarter today and put it on everything! Hell, pick up a few bottles (send us a picture)! We know you’ll finish it faster than you can say…#TheHalalSauce!

*The Halal Sauce is in no way affiliated to The Halal Guys  or any of their products.